de Larochette

The castle ruins dating back to the 11th century are located on a prominent mountain spur. It’s appearance today is largely due to the destruction of the castle by a fire in 1565.


Buerg Fiels

  • 11th to 16th century visibility
  • 1905 visibility
  • 1985 visibility
  • 2021 visibility
11th to 16th century

Refuge fort dated 11th century, then residential castle (Johann II. Von Fels, 1359). Inheritance divisions (Fels-Ouren, Fels-Trier, Fels-Heffingen and Fels-Heffingen-Contern). 1565 Destruction of the castle.

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Natur - a Geopark Mëllerdall - Week

30.05.2022 08:00 - 03.06.2022 16:00
Open doors at the castle
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Brachtenbach Pol, Cindy, Sandra Tangente

31.07.2022 08:00 - 07.08.2022 16:00
Wood Art
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L’Art-Rochette Art-Weeks 2022

03.09.2022 08:00 - 18.09.2022 16:00
Art / Paintings
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