X-RAY Exhibition

13.08.2021 06:00

The artist:

Uyi Nosa-Odia, also known as UNO, is a Nigerian artist living in Luxembourg. In 2014, he was shot in the head twice, and left for dead in a politically motivated attack in Benin City, Nigeria. Inexplicably, he survived the attack and fled to Russia, then to Germany and finally to Luxembourg in 2017. Soon after arriving in Luxembourg, he realised that “his new start” would be marred by debilitating headaches, PTSD and depression. Through medical treatment, therapy and art, Uyi has continued to recover and managed to forge a new life.

The exhibition:

In May 2020, UNO was confronted with the painful realities faced by a friend whose teenage daughter struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Shocking reports about the rising rate of mental health issues among young people in Luxembourg and the continuous struggle with his own past trauma led him to think about the ways in which art can be used to raise awareness about mental health issues and figure as therapy for those affected. That is how the project now titled ‘X-Ray’ was born. In partnership with organisations such as Omega 90 asbl, Literandra asbl, Lëtz Art asbl, Le Château de Larochette, Commune de Larochette, UNO will be creating and exhibiting about 20 acrylic paintings and resin sculptures. These artworks have become a form of therapy for the artist and a way of processing his own traumatic memories and episodes of depression. One of the paintings that will form part of the exhibition is titled “The Hole” and reflects on the artist’s moments of death; “Dans la Tête” is about depression; and “Amé (Water)” compares negative incidents to rainstorms. The ‘X-Ray’ project’s main aim is to offer resources that could help others in their struggles and/or alleviate their impacts. Likewise, it aims to encourage more people to speak out and seek help and treatment.

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